Protecting Employees and Their Rights

Under federal and state laws, employees are granted certain rights and protections. When these rights are violated by an employer, workers need a skilled attorney on their side.

We work hard to make sure employees’ rights are upheld. We are experienced in assisting workers in Alexandria, as well as in the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William in Northern Virginia. We take a practical, problem-solving approach, and we strive to minimize the stress that can result from these types of cases.

Common Types of Discrimination

Discrimination comes in many forms, as outlined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

  • Gender: It is illegal to discriminate against a particular gender in relation to all aspects of employment, and this includes sexual harassment. This refers to cases of gender identity as well.
  • Age: Discrimination in regard to age refers only to those over the age specified by law.
  • Disability: Not only are employers prohibited from discriminating against the disabled in terms of employment, but they also must make accommodations so that such employees can perform their jobs.
  • Pregnancy: An employer must make accommodations for pregnancy and childbirth. This may include alternative job duties or leave due to complications.
  • Religion: Employers must respect religious practices and beliefs in terms of dress and allow leave for religious holidays, unless doing so will create undue hardship on the company.

We have deep knowledge of employment law, and we understand what is expected of employers. We know that going up against the boss can be intimidating, which is why we always act with your best interests in mind. We do everything we can to obtain positive results so that you can return to your current employer or find productive work with a future one.


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Employment Law Attorney

Andrea Downing

Andrea Downing is an associate at Wade, Grimes, Friedman, Meinken & Leischner, PLLC, practicing employment law. Ms. Downing represents clients with employment law issues in federal and state courts, as well as in the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Merit Systems Protection Board.


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