Out-of-Town Counsel Relies on Our Virginia Court Knowledge


Out-of-town counsel faces a number of disconcerting obstacles to litigating complex matters in Virginia — in the form of written and unwritten court practices. That’s why attorneys from around the country have come to rely on our local knowledge, gained during our 30+ years of experience in the Virginia state courts, bankruptcy courts and federal courts within the Eastern District of Virginia.


We understand the stress that accompanies a difficult case being tried in an unfamiliar jurisdiction. (Been there, done that.) We’re rooted in Virginia’s Eastern District. We know this area’s legal landscape intimately.

Our Goal

Our full-service firm will bring its A-game when teaming with you on business matters, estate administration and complex litigation.


We provide the prompt and effective guidance you’ll need to best navigate local pitfalls during complex litigation in Virginia’s Eastern District.

Virginia law is known for the bewildering variety of nuanced obstacles it presents to unwary out-of-town counsel. For instance:

  • Local Virginia practice is based upon concepts and pleading forms that are often unknown or unused in other state courts.
  • Complex estate administration in Virginia often involves local proceedings in front of judges and commissioners.
  • The Eastern District of Virginia has developed a reputation as the nation’s “rocket docket.” So, court requirements here are not only more complicated, they must be mastered and executed at an accelerated pace.

Why take the unnecessary and inefficient risk of learning these idiosyncrasies on a one-time basis? Our out-of-town counsel support is as cost-efficient as it is effective. We help you avoid unforced technical errors while maximizing promptly delivered legal services for your clients.


When you’re ready to call, we’re ready to help. Reach us at 703-836-9030, or contact us here.

Employment Law Attorney

Andrea Downing

Andrea Downing is an associate at Wade, Grimes, Friedman, Meinken & Leischner, PLLC, practicing employment law. Ms. Downing represents clients with employment law issues in federal and state courts, as well as in the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Merit Systems Protection Board.


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