Last Wills and Testaments: The Cornerstone of a Strong Estate Plan

A last will and testament to declare heirs and direct the distribution of assets is considered the cornerstone of a strong estate plan. For some people, it may even be the only estate planning that needs to be done. The key is customization. A last will and testament must be drafted with your specific situation in mind.

We take pride in crafting customized last wills and testaments and estate plans for people in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Alexandria, Fairfax and throughout the rest of Northern Virginia. We have decades of experience on our side, so you can be confident in our ability to draft a last will and testament and create an estate plan that truly takes your needs into account. (And if you have an existing last will and testament that needs to be updated because of major changes in your family structure or assets, we can help.)

Preparing for the Creation of Your Last Will and Testament

In order to draft your last will and testament, we will have to understand your situation and your needs. That means having an extensive and in-depth conversation with you. We encourage you to prepare for our meeting ahead of time.

Prior to meeting with us, you should:

  • Inventory your assets: List all personal property and real estate, life insurance policies and retirement plans, with your best assessment of their values.
  • Inventory your liabilities: List all debts and obligations.
  • List potential beneficiaries: Determine who you want to benefit from your estate (spouse, children, friends, charities, pets).
  • Determine your objectives: What exactly would you like your last will and testament to accomplish?

Is a Last Will and Testament Enough?

Depending on your needs and the value of your estate, a last will and testament may be enough. In some cases, a last will and testament may be augmented by a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement. In others, trusts may be necessary to address certain issues such as taxes, probate avoidance or beneficiaries with special needs. Count on us to provide an honest assessment of your case before moving forward with any aspect of an estate plan.


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