Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Tests Are Important Pieces of Evidence

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A person who is suspected of drunk driving might be asked to take a field sobriety test if he or she is pulled over by law enforcement officers. One of the tests in the three-test battery is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. This test has to do with the response of the eyes when a person is asked to track an object.

The nystagmus is the involuntary movement, or jerking, of the eyes. Law enforcement

Options Are Present In Many Criminal Cases

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In our previous blog post, we discussed leading questions and how those can impact a criminal case. Those questions are one of the reasons why someone who is facing criminal charges should make sure to invoke his or her right to an attorney as early in the process as possible. In fact, the right to have an attorney present is a constitutional right.

We know that you might not be all that familiar with what to

Understand Leading Questions And How The Can Affect A Case

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There are certain things that investigators and other people involved in the criminal justice process aren’t allowed to do during the handling of a case. One of things that isn’t allowed is asking leading questions in court. This is something that lawyers have to be on the lookout for during a trial.

Leading questions are those that encourage a witness to answer in a specific manner. Typically, these questions are suggestive of one specific answer and

Think About Every Option For A Sexual Assault Defense

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Sex crime charges are very intimate charges for many people. Oftentimes, the victims of these crimes don’t want to have to continue to relive the events. The accused person might be so emotionally distraught over the charges that any sort of testimony is almost impossible.

We know that sexual assault charges sometimes come down to what the accuser says happened and what the defendant says happened. In those cases, determining how to present a defense

Defense Options Vary Based On The Circumstances Of Allegations

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Sexual assault charges often deal with very intimate circumstances that often have to do with only two people. This can make it difficult for you to prove that you didn’t the crime of which you were accused. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible, but it can mean that you will have to work through challenging issues as you build your defense.

If you didn’t commit the sex-related crime, you might

Juvenile Justice Has To Factor In The Child’s Best Interests

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In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the impacts that can affect youths who are held in secure detention facilities. These impacts ranged from short-term issues like the danger of attacks in these facilities to long-term issues like continuing down the path of a criminal’s life. One point that is universal in all juvenile cases is that these youths need support services that can help them turn around their ways and move toward a law abiding