The one thing that is true across the board for criminal justice matters is that all defendants have the right to present a defense. The goal of the defense might vary from one case to another. Some defendants want to have their charges dismissed. Others might want to have their case end in a not guilty finding. Other defendants know that a conviction is likely in their case. They might just want to try to minimize the penalties they face.

We take the goal of your case into account, when we help you plan your defense. Of course, we can’t promise you how your case will end. We can only help you work toward your goal, so that you know you did everything you could.

As you go through the possible defense options in your case, you have to think about how each one will impact your life. You need to think about how your future might be affected, but not just in the short-term. You need to think about how your case will impact you in 10 years or even 40 years down the road. Don’t settle for the easy way now if it will make your life difficult later.