In our previous blog post, we discussed leading questions and how those can impact a criminal case. Those questions are one of the reasons why someone who is facing criminal charges should make sure to invoke his or her right to an attorney as early in the process as possible. In fact, the right to have an attorney present is a constitutional right.

We know that you might not be all that familiar with what to pay attention for when you are being questioned. We can sit with you during this process to ensure that all of your rights are being respected and that nothing is happening that goes against your right to avoid self-incrimination. This is often very important in criminal cases since any statement you make can be used in the case against you.

This is only one of the considerations that is present when you are facing criminal charges. We can help you to learn about other rights and points that should be addressed as your case moves forward. We know that you are probably concerned about your case. That is understandable, and it is a reason for you to participate as much as possible in your defense.

No matter what type of charge you are facing, from murder down to a traffic offense, we can stand by your side throughout your case. We will work to prepare your case for trial; however, we can also look into alternative resolutions if there are any available in your case. No matter what avenue your case takes, we will help you learn the options that you have.