¿Qué Significa La Despenalización De La Marijuana?

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El estado de Virginia acaba de despenalizar la marijuana. Ahora, ¿eso qué significa eso exactamente? La abogada Rebecca Wade comparte su percepción sobre lo que implica la nueva legislación, los castigos por posesión de marijuana y otros delitos relacionados con la marijuana.

¿Qué significa la despenalización de la marihuana?

La Asamblea General de Virginia aprobó una legislación que traslada la posesión de marijuana de la clasificación de un delito a una infracción civil. En otras palabras,

How Is COVID-19 Affecting Child Custody During The School Year?

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With some schools reopened and many remaining virtual, parents have to make decisions that will protect their child and establish a custodial schedule that works during these unprecedented times. As the pandemic continues to create turmoil, family law attorney Jessica Leischner shares her insights on child custody during the school year.

Figure out what works best for your child and your family.

An appropriate and effective custodial schedule is entirely based


In his latest Kiplinger.com article, Attorney Foster Friedman takes a hard look at the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement (SECURE) Act and how it affects your estate planning.

Changes in estate planning law and the coronavirus pandemic provide a good reason to revise your planning to take care of your family in the future,” says estate planning attorney Foster Friedman. In his latest Kiplinger.com article, Friedman takes a hard look at the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement (SECURE) Act and how it affects your estate planning. 

Read the full article from Kiplinger.com to find out if the SECURE Act could hurt or enhance

What Is Virginia’s New ‘Red Flag’ Gun Law?

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The recently passed “red flag” law is a gun control measure that gives police and courts the ability to remove guns and firearms from individuals that they determine to pose a substantial risk to themselves or others.

Once that order is entered by the magistrate or judge, the police will serve the warrant and confiscate any firearms in the individual’s possession. Initially, police should give the person against whom the protective order was issued the opportunity

Best Lawyers® 2021 Recognizes Wade Grimes Friedman Meinken & Leischner PLLC Partners

Best Lawyers names attorneys Carolyn Grimes, Rebecca Wade, Jessica Leischner, Foster Friedman, and Gretchyn Meinken on its Best Lawyers for 2021 lists.

Major Honors – We are proud to announce Carolyn Grimes, Rebecca Wade, Jessica Leischner, Foster Friedman, and Gretchyn Meinken’s recognition as Best Lawyers® for 2021. They were named Best Lawyers in the following categories: 

  • Carolyn Grimes: Best Lawyers® in Family Law
  • Rebecca Wade: Best Lawyers® in Criminal Defense: General Practice, DUI/DWI Defense and Family Law 
  • Jessica Leischner: Best Lawyers® in Collaborative Law: Family

Filing for Divorce During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The divorce process during the COVID-19 pandemic can be confusing, but current restrictions give you time to appropriately assess your needs and concerns. Family law attorney Jessica Leischner shares her insights on what you should keep in mind as you contemplate filing for divorce during the pandemic:Attorney Carolyn Grimes is available for phone or video consultations. Please email cgrimes@oldtownlawyers.com to schedule a meeting.

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In the Media: Gregory Wade Discusses An Upcoming Flood of Bankruptcies on Money, Honestly.

Attorney Gregory Wade discusses the upcoming flood of bankruptcies on Money, Honestly.

Since March, tens of millions of workers have lost their jobs, while companies big and small have gone out of business. Bankruptcy Attorney Gregory Wade predicts a flood of bankruptcies is on the horizon. On Money, Honestly., Wade discusses the upcoming surge in bankruptcies, what he expects as the pandemic continues to hurt the economy, and what every person should know about filing for bankruptcy. Read the full article and listen to the podcast episode below: