What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Former Public Defender?

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Hiring the right attorney isn’t easy, but can largely determine the outcome of your case. Attorney Rebecca Wade explains the significant advantages of hiring a former public defender to take on your criminal or family law case.

1. Former public defenders have more extensive experience trying cases in court.

“The reality is, public defenders spend a lot of time in court,” explains Wade. “They have experience balancing enormous caseloads, which is

Losing an Inheritance Is Easy – Turn it into Lasting Wealth

Adults who receive an inheritance save just half, while spending, donating or losing the rest.” In an insightful article, The New York Times says if you come into an inheritance, whether it’s a little or a lot, waiting to make a move is the best thing you can do. Estate planning attorneys Foster Friedman and Gretchyn Meinken say you shouldn’t make any decisions for a few months. Think through your options. 

How Marijuana Use Impacts Child Custody Cases in Virginia

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Different states have different laws when it comes to marijuana use. But what does that mean for families living in Northern Virginia who frequently cross state lines? Family law attorney Rebecca Wade explains how marijuana laws differ across the DMV and how they impact child custody cases in Virginia.

How Do Marijuana Laws Differ Across the DMV?

“We are at a turning point for laws related to marijuana in our country

Filing for Bankruptcy: Medical Debt

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The United States currently ranks highest in health care spending among the developed nations of the world, according to the OECD. In fact, bankruptcy attorney Xue Connelly says the number one reason people file for bankruptcy in the U.S. is medical debt.

How can medical debt lead to bankruptcy?

“Medical cost in this country is high — regardless of whether or not you have insurance,” explains

Consejos Para Empresas Pequeñas que Enfrentan Problemas Financieros

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Muchos dueños de negocios no se dan cuenta de que rápido las finanzas personales pueden estar envueltas en si empresa que está fallando, resultando en algunas consecuencias graves. Si tienes un problema con tu empresa pequeña y tienes problemas financieros, no utilices de tus fondos personales para mantener su negocio a flote. La abogada Xue Connelly analiza la importancia de mantener sus finanzas personales y de su negocio separadas y da consejos sobre cómo puedes salir de

Filing for Bankruptcy and Divorce: Which Comes First?

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Financial issues and marital discord often go hand in hand. So it’s not surprising that some couples decide they want to file for both bankruptcy and divorce around the same time. But filing simultaneously can create significant complications and delays. Bankruptcy attorney Xue Connelly explains it’s often best to file and conclude one matter before moving on to the next. However, whether you file for bankruptcy or divorce first, largely depends on your

Best Lawyers® 2020 Recognizes Carolyn Grimes, Jessica Leischner and Rebecca Wade

Major Honor – We are proud to announce Carolyn Grimes, Jessica Leischner and Rebecca Wade’s recognition as Best Lawyers® for 2020. Carolyn Grimes and Jessica Leischner are awarded Best Lawyers® for family law and Rebecca Wade received the recognition for criminal law in DUI/DWI defense. 

This is the sixth consecutive year Ms. Grimes has received the honor, the third consecutive year for Ms. Wade and the first year Ms. Leischner receives the