Filing for Bankruptcy and Divorce: Which Comes First?

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Financial issues and marital discord often go hand in hand. So it’s not surprising that some couples decide they want to file for both bankruptcy and divorce around the same time. But filing simultaneously can create significant complications and delays. Bankruptcy attorney Xue Connelly explains it’s often best to file and conclude one matter before moving on to the next. However, whether you file for bankruptcy or divorce first, largely depends on your

Best Lawyers® 2020 Recognizes Carolyn Grimes, Jessica Leischner and Rebecca Wade

Major Honor – We are proud to announce Carolyn Grimes, Jessica Leischner and Rebecca Wade’s recognition as Best Lawyers® for 2020. Carolyn Grimes and Jessica Leischner are awarded Best Lawyers® for family law and Rebecca Wade received the recognition for criminal law in DUI/DWI defense. 

This is the sixth consecutive year Ms. Grimes has received the honor, the third consecutive year for Ms. Wade and the first year Ms. Leischner receives the

How to Get a Marriage Annulled in Virginia

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Annulment or divorce? The question often arises when a married couple has decided to split up. While an annulment may seem ideal for many spouses, family law attorney Jessica Leischner explains, “the chances of qualifying for one are slim in Virginia due to the very specific grounds for an annulment.”

What is the Difference Between a Divorce and an Annulment?

A divorce terminates a legally valid marriage. Whereas an annulment declares

Tips for Small Businesses Facing Financial Issues

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Many business owners fail to realize how quickly personal finances can become wrapped up in a failing business venture – resulting in some pretty serious consequences. If you’re having a problem with your small business and you’re having financial issues, don’t draw from your personal funds to keep your business afloat. Attorney Xue Connelly discusses the importance of keeping your personal and business financials separate and gives tips on how to help get yourself out of a situation

Financial Considerations Before Getting a Divorce

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Getting a divorce can be an overwhelming process and can quickly get complicated when trying to access and untangle financial records. Many people don’t know where to start. While everyone’s situation is unique, family law attorney Jessica Leischner explains that having full knowledge of your financial records and situation is a critical step in a divorce. Leischner weighs in on what records you need and the avenues you can take to collect them. 

La Diferencia Entre Capítulo 7 y Capítulo 13 Bancarrota

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Declarando bancarrota puede ser un proceso abrumador. Usted sabe que hay varios capítulos de la bancarrota, pero ¿cuál es el adecuado para su situación? La abogada Xue Connelly analiza las diferencias entre los dos tipos más comunes de bancarrota para los individuos: el Capítulo 7 y el Capítulo 13.

Capítulo 7 Bancarrota

El capítulo 7 es el capítulo en que uno le pide a la corte que perdone la mayoría de sus deudas o la totalidad de

Is It Legal to Lock Out Your Spouse in Virginia?

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Published May 31, 2019 by Rebecca Wade

If you’re running into conflict with your spouse, locking him or her out of the house may seem like an easy way to resolve the situation. However, as family law attorney Rebecca Wade explains — by locking out a spouse you could be breaking the law in Virginia.

“In Virginia, if you want to get divorced and you don’t have fault-based grounds