Virtual Mediation: The Solution to Your Family Law Issues During COVID-19

As the nation deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, divorced or separated parents in Virginia face unique challenges now that schools are closed for the school year and courts are closed. 

  • With schools closed, do I follow a summer or school custody schedule?
  • What do I do if I can’t pay child support this month because I lost my job?
  • Can I stop my child

Coronavirus and Its Impact on Domestic Violence Cases

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Everyone is staying in their houses because of the coronavirus pandemic–but what happens when your home isn’t safe? The New York Times reports the pandemic raises the following questions for victims of domestic violence who need the attention of city, state and federal agencies:

  • What do you do if you’re confined to the most terrifying place — your home?
  • What impact does the pandemic have on police response to 911

¿Cómo impacta el uso de la marijuana a los casos de custodia en Virginia?

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Diferentes estados tienen diferentes leyes sobre cómo tratan el consumo de marijuana. ¿Sin embargo, eso qué significa para las familias que viven en el norte de Virginia y que frecuentemente cruzan las fronteras estatales? La abogada de derecho de familia Rebecca Wade explica cómo las leyes de marijuana difieren en el DMV y cómo afectan los casos de custodia de menores en Virginia.

¿Cómo difieren las leyes de marijuana en el DMV?

“Estamos en un momento

Cannatourism: What Are the Laws When Traveling with Marijuana?

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It’s the new trend sweeping the nation: cannatourism. People are traveling to states with lax marijuana laws like Colorado, California, and Oregon to take advantage of the cannabis culture. But, as criminal law attorney Rebecca Wade explains, different states have different laws about marijuana, which can result in legal complications when traveling.

Is It Safe to Travel Domestically with Marijuana?

“The likelihood of

When Should You File for Bankruptcy?

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Deciding when to file for bankruptcy is a personal and often difficult decision. But it’s an important one that could help you on your path to rebuilding your finances. Bankruptcy attorney Xue Connelly shares her expertise on identifying the right time to file for bankruptcy

“Most people try and put off bankruptcy,” says Connelly. “They don’t want to file because they’re either afraid, or they don’t

¿Qué Documentos Necesitas Para Declarar Bancarrota?

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A nadie le gusta mucho papeleo. Pero si planeas declarar bancarrota, es clave estar preparado con toda su documentación correcta. La abogada de bancarrota Xue Connelly comparte su conocimiento sobre los documentos que necesitas encontrar antes de hablar con un abogado.

Recoge Todas Sus Facturas

“Cuando vayas a consultar con un abogado sobre declarando bancarotta, traiga todas sus facturas”, dice Xue Connelly. “Eso incluye facturas de tarjetas de crédito, facturas médicas y cualquier otro gasto que tenga. Ya sea

What Paperwork Do You Need to Prepare to File Bankruptcy?

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Nobody likes paperwork. But if you plan to file for bankruptcy it’s key to be prepared with the right documentation. Bankruptcy attorney Xue Connelly shares her expertise on what documents you need to gather before meeting with a lawyer. 

Collect All of Your Bills

“When you’re coming in to consult with an attorney regarding a bankruptcy, bring all of your bills,” says Xue Connelly. “That includes credit card bills, medical bills,