Finding Mutually Beneficial Solutions in Your Divorce

Even though your marriage may be over, you may want to maintain a positive relationship with your ex-spouse, particularly if you have children together. The stress and anxiety that often comes with the adversarial court proceedings, however, can make this extremely difficult, if not impossible.

If you seek amicable resolutions in your divorce, you may benefit from using collaborative law or mediation, alternative methods to traditional divorce. We work closely with men and women in Northern Virginia, including Alexandria and Fairfax, involved in divorce and family law disagreements. Our lawyers are skilled collaborative law practitioners, and they will help you identify and implement practical, fair solutions to your key issues.

What is Collaborative Law?

  • Collaborative law is a process by which attorneys and clients work together to resolve all financial and custody disputes relative to a divorce instead of pursuing litigation.
  • Parties enter into an agreement stating they will attempt to resolve all matters cooperatively, without the intervention of the judge or the courts.
  • Should either client later choose to stop negotiation and take matters to court, both parties must seek new attorney representation.

How Can We Help You?

  • When you work with members of our firm in collaborative law, we serve as your advocate throughout negotiations with your spouse or other parent and his or her attorney.
  • Together we will work toward mutually beneficial resolutions to custody, support and the division of marital assets and debts.
  • As part of the collaborative process, if necessary, we will call in outside experts, including mutually chosen accountants, real estate agents, therapists and parenting coaches, to help the process move forward.


Many clients come to us expressing an interest in resolving their issues through mediation, but they’re not sure what it entails.

  • Mediation involves both parties working with one mediator to resolve any property, support, or custody disputes between them, often while having any agreement reviewed by their independent attorneys before it is finalized.
  • We listen to each party’s concerns and work with parties separately and together in a fair manner while providing practical suggestions based on decades of experience in family law.
  • We help parties draft a comprehensive, detailed, and strongly written settlement agreement, and work with their independent attorneys to address all of their concerns.
  • Many cases prove too contentious for mediation, but it is a useful and cost-effective process available to parties who do not have significant contested issues.


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