Marijuana is still illegal in Virginia, which means that even if you have a little bit in your possession, it is still possible to face criminal charges. Marijuana is also illegal on a federal level, but there is a chance for change. A congressman from Virginia is considered an unlikely source for marijuana change, but he introduced a bill to take marijuana off of the list as a Schedule I controlled substance.

Until state and federal laws change, there is a chance that people will face drug charges for marijuana. We know that this is something that is rather difficult for some people to understand, because they might not see anything wrong with the natural plant. We can help you fight back against these charges.

We know that the penalties for drug convictions are harsh. When you have a drug addiction, you might not be able to see past the addiction to think about the consequences of what you are doing. We understand that now, you might realize these points and want to get help.

It is impossible to guarantee the outcome of a criminal case, but we will work with you to determine the method of defense you feel is appropriate for your case. We will look into plea deals and other resolution methods. You just need to let us know what you are willing to consider.

Of course, not all drug charges are the same. For this reason, we take the individual components of your case and use those to come up with defense strategy options that are aimed at addressing your case.