With some schools reopened and many remaining virtual, parents have to make decisions that will protect their child and establish a custodial schedule that works during these unprecedented times. As the pandemic continues to create turmoil, family law attorney Jessica Leischner shares her insights on child custody during the school year.

Figure out what works best for your child and your family.

An appropriate and effective custodial schedule is entirely based on your family’s unique set of circumstances. Consider each child’s school schedule and each parent’s work schedule to arrange custody that will work for every family member. 

Remain open-minded to all types of changes. 

Some schools are entirely virtual, while others are doing hybrid models and staggering schedules that are subject to change at any time. This school year will bring about constant changes, and certainly, we cannot anticipate all of them. Since academic schedules are going to change frequently, custody plans will also have to evolve. Custodial schedules that are appropriate now may not work in two months, and they will require new updates and adaptations. “Not knowing what is going to happen, people need to be open-minded about making these adjustments whether they are temporary or permanent, in order to do what’s best,” says Leischner. 

Keep open and consistent communication with the other parent. 

As the school year progresses, it is important to continue communication with the other parent. Discuss how the custody schedule is working or not working in your household, get updates on your child’s educational progress, and review any communication from your child’s school on procedural changes together. 

The bottom line: Create a child custody schedule that is in the best interest of your family, while being receptive to changes and updates.

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