In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the impacts that can affect youths who are held in secure detention facilities. These impacts ranged from short-term issues like the danger of attacks in these facilities to long-term issues like continuing down the path of a criminal’s life. One point that is universal in all juvenile cases is that these youths need support services that can help them turn around their ways and move toward a law abiding future.

We understand that the thought of your child standing before a judge with his or her freedom on the line might be difficult. When it comes to that point, you have to make sure that your child’s best interests remain at the heart of the case. Figuring out how to meet your child’s needs when the law is involved can be challenging.

The ultimate goal of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation, which can be accomplished through the use of services that the court orders. In some cases, detention of the juvenile is necessary. That doesn’t make it easy for you, as the parent, to deal with; however, we can help you to understand the options that the court has for your child. From there, you might be able to better understand the rulings that are handed down.

Whether your child is facing the juvenile law system for something like truancy or something more serious like date rape, we can help you to explore what choices you have. We can help you to learn the possible consequences of each option so that you can your child can make choices.