Sex crime charges are very intimate charges for many people. Oftentimes, the victims of these crimes don’t want to have to continue to relive the events. The accused person might be so emotionally distraught over the charges that any sort of testimony is almost impossible.

We know that sexual assault charges sometimes come down to what the accuser says happened and what the defendant says happened. In those cases, determining how to present a defense can difficult. That doesn’t mean that we can’t build a defense. Instead, it means that we have to carefully consider our options.

There are some instances in which a sexual assault defense is akin to walking a tightrope. You have to watch each and every step because connotations can matter. A misstep can be difficult to overcome, depending on what the misstep entailed.

When we work with you on a sexual assault case, we work to determine what options we have for a defense. The possibilities might be numerous or they can be seriously limited. It all depends on the case and what actual evidence the prosecution has. Looking into every possibility might help us to unearth the strategy that we need to use in your case.

Because we need time to build a case, we should get started as soon as possible. We need time to go over the case that is being presented against you and determine what points we need to focus on. In some cases, our defense strategy will need to include calling the points the prosecution makes into question.