Rebecca Wade, a partner with Wade Grimes Friedman Meinken & Leischner PLLC, is the new president of the Alexandria Bar Association. 

“Believe me when I tell you, it’s an honor to serve the Alexandria Bar Association in this capacity,” says Wade, who has been attending Association events with her attorney father Greg Wade since she was a child. “Previous leadership faced and overcame numerous challenges during the pandemic, including quickly transitioning to a virtual environment when COVID-19 hit. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to drive the Association’s development and growth as president.”

A key initiative Wade plans to launch is a Diversity & Inclusion Committee. The committee will address racial injustices within the judicial system and in the community. Wade sees 2021 as a year of rebirth for the Association and plans to build on what it’s learned about inclusivity and justice throughout the events of 2020.

As acting president of the Alexandria Bar Association, Wade encourages all members to reach out with feedback — whether it is negative or positive — as she wants to give every member a voice.

“I am very excited for what’s in store, and I am looking forward to an amazing year!” says Wade. 

Wade’s term runs through June 2022.